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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today was at the Hamsphire Residence's swimming pool, quite a beautiful pool :)

I was just sitting there, as usual, I observe other people and smiling away looking at the cute children playing water...

I heard phone rings, and there was a 'quite leangjai' guy walked over after a while, I told him that his phone was ringing.  He said, "Ya, I am checking it now".  Lucky! Leangjai sitting beside me wor, hahaha!  Not only he made some phone calls, he also sat for a while and before he left, he ta-bik at me lo...

Saw a lot of beautiful children (mat salleh) and there is one small little boy wearing pampers to the children pool, he was making some cute sound while passing by me, trying to grab my attention, very adorable!

Saw a woman in the pool with 3 daughters, I think the eldest one is around 12, another one is maybe 9 and the youngest is very small size, could be below 3 years old.  This little girl swims so well, her mother threw her in the pool.  Amazing, other than in Youtube... this is my 1st time seeing such a young girl swimming :)  Her mom has short hair, could be in her early 40s, looked like lady-boss hahaha, coz she seldom smile but she spent time with her children, which is lovely to me.

There are parents swimming together with their small children, saw a proud father playing with his daughter and later, he sat in the bench beside mine... he was talking to a new friend.  They were talking about skiing ... blah blah blah...

My Korean friend was busy swimming with the handsome boys, having fun ... good for me, he is very capable taking care of them hehehe.... (while his wife is resting in the house... he babysits the boys walaueh)

It was relaxing for me, and every time I see a pool, I would love to be in it!  But I just don't know how to swim, and only a few of my buddies know why! Hahaha, it was purely a old-story of mine, which is very funny but true!

Again, every time I see families spending time in the pool, that really makes me wonder when can be my turn?... Not asking for anything, but being with our loved ones, doing beautiful things like this, really meaningful...

Nice day out for me!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I believe that whenever we go to buy things, there is a price-tag.  Human created those "price tag"... long long time ago during the ancient times, those people trade without using money.  They exchanged goods... hehehe!

I get questions from my friends and even colleagues, "Candy, how can you be so happy at all times?" ... to be honest, I don't know why.  I just feel that we don't have to be moody or angry.  Of course, at times, I am mad and I speak louder, but that doesn't mean I am crazy... I care when things go wrong, I speak out my mind, that's all.  Other than that, I am generally a fun and bubbly person.

Does it cost anything to be happy?  Give it a price tag.  Not necessary to be a figure... The word "PRICE" can be an alphabet... "H" perhaps! Hahaha...

Work-life-balance, this is just a term, not everyone gets this!  But we can choose to 'balance' the imbalanced!  I always ask for simple life.  I pray everyday before I sleep, I ask for a good night sleep for my family and thank God for a smooth sailing day.  The next morning, the 1st thing I do before getting up from bed, I pray and thank God for a good night sleep and ask for a smooth, simple and happy day with my family & at work.

I am thankful and counting my blessings.  When people are busy with their houses & cars, thinking of which branded bags to buy, looking forward to buy latest Smartphones, comparing kids' school and their education levels... to me, these are just about money.  If you have money, you can stay in a big house, you can afford a big car, you can change phones twice a year and you can send your children to the best schools and give them the best!

What if you are not earning that much?  I was born in an average income family, not too poor, but I know that my mom did a good job in ensuring that our family is warm and happy.  Therefore, I never compare my life with others too much.  Of course at times, I feel bad that I couldn't afford a bigger house or a nicer car.  But when I think again, all these are about money.  Will you be happier if you get all these and not 100% happy?

I am not sure what others think.  For me, as long as I am employed, I can provide my family with yummy food, my mom is healthy, my boys are growing happily ... I will be the HAPPIEST PERSON!  I am not saying that I am not hoping for better living for my family, but at this moment, I am not complaining :)

When I have a chance, I do small charities to bring smiles to others.  When I get extra money to spend, I buy some goodies to share with my loved ones. 

Very simple thoughts, just don't compare, don't complain.  Good things will come, I believe in that!



Everyone should find a smile on his/her face no matter what's happening today -- remember that "Your energy is that great!'

REMIND yourself everyday - "Family first today!" It's one thing to have a successful career, a thriving social life, or a deeply fulfilling relationship. But how did you get there? It's likely your loved ones played a role. Give them some attention.

Everyone needs to TRAVEL, see the WORLD!

Seek out other people who are more compatible with YOU.  They're definitely somewhere out there, but it's up to you to find them.

See mistakes as opportunities to learn and to do better next time :)

YOU may need to be honest with yourself about your life direction. You don't really want what everyone else wants. Take some time to really examine what you need before you ask for it.

Getting things done properly is more important than getting them done quickly.

Show tact, and don't try to force people into doing things. You'll be happier that way! 

If you never ask questions, you'll never get answers. You can just wait for the solution to drop out of the sky, but sometimes you have to take initiative. 

Be honest, direct, and willing to back up your points with facts or data

Remember that creative energy is infectious. Show others that having a bright and cheerful attitude can turn around any bad situation. By being more open-minded and free-thinking, friends and family will follow suit.

Who says you can't conquer the world?  Stay focused -- you can move mountains right now!

When you love, it needs to be from a deep spiritual and soul level. Superficial love is not what provides the glue that will keep you and your partner together. Look for love that is unconditional, not someone who is only interested in a superficial connection.

It is important to look after yourself and make decisions you can live with. The path you choose to go down may not please everyone in your life, but close friends and your partner, those who love and respect you, will adapt.

Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're blue. Being human has it's up and downs. Seeing a beautiful sunset is a great way of putting things into perspective!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

  • Fire - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Earth - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
  • Air - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  • Water - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Sign Compatible Not Compatible
Aries Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Cancer, Capricorn
Taurus Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces Leo, Aquarius
Gemini Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius Virgo, Pisces
Cancer Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces Aries, Libra
Leo Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius Taurus, Scorpio
Virgo Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn Gemini, Sagittarius
Libra Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius Cancer, Capricorn
Scorpio Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces Leo, Aquarius
Sagittarius Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius Virgo, Pisces
Capricorn Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces Aries, Libra
Aquarius Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius Scorpio, Taurus
Pisces Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn Gemini, Sagittarius

Aries and Leo
Aries and Leo make a great pair. Both have an optimistic outlook and the capability to lead or take control of any situation. The dynamism of Aries is well blended with the strategic planning of Leo. This relationship has a perfect blend of affection, loyalty, love and security. The only drawback of this relation is the dominating nature of both, which might create discord. But the relationship can work out well if both are understanding and work as a team to achieve new goals.
Gemini and Leo
Gemini and Leo will have a good relationship and be very affectionate towards each other. They will be very open and communicate everything to one another. Leos are known for their organizational skills, but the distraction of Geminis can put them off. If this problem is overcome, they can have a fruitful relationship.

Leo and Libra
Leo and Libra are made for each other. They respect and admire each other. However, both might take each other for granted sometimes, but it is not so noticeable due to the immense respect they have for each other. Libra loves the charm possessed by Leo, while Leo admires Libra's social skills.

Leo and Sagittarius
They have a good compatibility. The relationship between Leo and Sagittarius works well because they have similar characteristics, like attractiveness and dynamism, which help them explore new areas of life. They are quite naughty and playful with each other, but can also be abrupt with each other. However, they make a good pair. 

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Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's MOTHERS' day, wow, I have been a mom for more than 8 years, a real achievement in life, I never done something this BIG in my entire life.  My boys (not monkeys la... hehehehe) they are just too amazing for me to describe.  Their smile, the way they speak, and the way they occupy the whole bed when sleeping, from babies to kids, wow, a real transformation,I am seeing them grow.

I know the most important person behind the screen is not me!  It's my MOM, she is totally great, the best I've ever had.  She takes care of them with her best, she goes to the market every morning to ensure that they have good breakfast to eat, or some snacks to enjoy in the afternoon when they are back from school.  She does all the housework and cook 'really very nice' yummy dinner for us so that after a long day at work, my sister and I deserve a GOOD HOME COOKED DINNER.  How fantastic right?

I know, my mom is very INTO this babysitter business ... hahahaha.  She teaches them homework, she gets irritated becoz she only studied until the age of 12.  Now, she is the one who teaches my boys their homework, and she can even teach them spelling in 3 languages, how crazy right?  I salute her spirit and passion.  I know I should do that, not her, but, she makes it easier for me, she is a total supporter!

Other than mom, the other person who I miss the most is my POPO, she was so lovely, we held hands to the morning market when she was around.  Her soft hands and her smile... I miss you Popo!  She walked very slowly... I was holding her hands, she worried that she would burdened us... (but Popo, sometimes I admitted that you walked too slow).  I was very in a 'hurry' every morning, sending my boys to school and had to pick grandma from her flat to the morning market.  I felt tired, but this type of TIREDNESS will no longer happening.... coz Popo is already at the best place ever, Heaven :D  Popo, pls continue to bless us with health, happiness and smoothness in everything we do.

It's your turn now to think which women on earth has impressed you, could be your mom, your grandma right?  Count your blessings and think of a way to thank them.

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all lovely mothers.... hugs :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, December 30, 2011


It's the last day of the year today, a lot of people started to have New Year Resolution, most of it being dragged from 2011 to 2012, and some are new ones, some are achievable, some are just dreams.

It's always nice if we have 10 months of December every year, as it's a giving month and a real happening month whereby we see a lot of people shopping, give gifts, take photos and have celebrations, whether it's for Xmas or to celebrate another great year or to welcome another wonderful year.

Times flies, I just watched a Youtube clip, it's about the importance of family getting together during Chinese New Year. Sometimes, it's not about Chinese New Year, it's about the time we spend with our loved ones. A lot of people tell me that they are busy, in fact, I always 'think' I am busy. Yes, everyone is busy, earning more money, improving lives BUT spending less time with those who deserves our attention.

Young people will have outings with their friends, singles will have plans to go shopping or have fun with other friends, married people will be busy with their own family, working people will always be busy with their work BUT ... do you remember that you have old folks at home, just waiting for you, just for a simple dinner?

Most people will think that they are busy and a dinner can be any day. The 'any day' mindset is killing the relationship. Old folks are getting old, they know, the 'time left' is not as much as we all younger people have. Maybe yes, we are busy with work, juggling with family matters, too many invitations to other events, too into our hobbies, until we always forget, that we only have less than 2 hours with the old folks in our family.

I lost both my father and grandma in 2010, what a terrible year for me. I cried and cried when doctor told me that my father would never wake up again when he was in coma. I couldn't take it, because when he was with us, we refused to listen to his words, we thought it was so boring, so boring.

When my father was around, I was too lazy to meet him. I gave myself excuses and think it's ok if we are not seeing each other coz that time, he was just in his 50's... What a crap! What a stupid thinking! I wish I could slap myself and 'wake up' before he left us... I know that he wasn't a perfect father, he tried his best, he was just a human, but I didn't pay attention to him at all when he was still there. Now... it's just silent cry in me, thinking of him... "Papa, I am sorry, I just hope that you are happier up there... I know I wasn't as good, but I really miss you."

And in the same year, grandma left us. It was one of the biggest slap in my life, she was a wonderful person, no one can replace her awesomeness. I still remember how she cleaned my school shoes, how she prepared the meals for us, how she talk to us like friends, she is just too perfect... I still remember the day when she went for her brain operation early 2010, I should have stopped the decision for operation. I can't forget how she yelled out pain, how she was in misery and she was 78... too old for anything!! Why torture? "Popo, I miss you, although sometimes I smile when I think of you, although when it's raining I think of you, but deep inside my heart, I cannot stop crying because I know now I no longer can hold your soft hands to the market and I know we cannot share the same Chu Cheong Fun or the same piece of 9-layer kuih like last time when we were around. I miss you popo... very miss you....

To those who still have old folks at home, please go home and have a simple dinner with them as much as you can. Imagine if you only balik kampung 4 times a year, means you only see them 4 times a year... isn't it time to balik kampung more? How long can old folks live? No one knows, even fortune teller can't be specific, so don't take chances, appreciate them.

Have a blessed year 2012, I know when we think back, we achieved a lot, and we regret on certain things. Go and achieve more and stop regretting.


Saturday, October 8, 2011


In fact, I think being in love feels great. However, not all is lucky in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, not only the 'feeling' is important, the 'trust' has to exist too!

Guys normally will look whether the girl is pretty or not, sexy or not, cute or not, nice body or not, hahahahaha.... but for girls, they are simpler... see below for their 'small expectations'... really cost nothing...cheers...

  • Talk to her, share your secrets with her
  • Hold her hands and touch her waist whenever you can
  • Cold weather, rainy day or even in the cinema, give her your jacket or hug her a little to keep her warm
  • Kiss her on her cheek, and slowly to her mouth (that's sweet) ooOoo
  • Laugh with her, even it's not so-funny!
  • Invite her to somewhere...somewhere that you think you want her to go with you...
  • Bring her along when you are hanging out with your friends, she'll know your friends and realize how important she is to you
  • Smile with her, smile at her, at all times, that's lovely
  • Take pictures with her, as much as you can and view together with her
  • Pull her onto your lap and hug her gently
  • Tell her that you love her, so much, everyday and night
  • Tell her that you love her, and look into her eyes...
  • Again, always hug her and say "I love you" whenever you can...
  • Kiss her unexpectedly, hug her from behind, tell her the way you feel about her, honestly
  • Tell her that she's beautiful, inside out
  • Open doors for her, to the car, at the shopping mall or even back to her home, it's gentleman
  • Tell her she's your everything and MEAN IT!
  • If she behaves strangely and you feel that she doesn't want to talk about it, hug her, doesn't matter really... just hug her!
  • Make her feel loved
  • Kiss her in front of OTHER girls that you know, that shows that you really care about her
  • Don't lie to her, never cheat on honest
  • Take her anywhere she wants
  • Text her or call her in the morning and tell her how much you miss her and wish her a good day
  • Call her or text her at night to wish her sweets dreams, and don't forget to say "I love you"
  • Be there for her whenever she needs you, she will know that she can count on you!
  • When you are alone with her, hold her closer and kiss her
  • While in movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly... wow!
  • If she's upset, comfort her, put your ego aside
  • When people diss her, stand up for her
  • Lay down under the starts and put her head on your chest, so that she can listen to your your fingers together while you whisper to her, as she rests her eyes and listens to you...
  • Always remind her how much you love her
  • Bring her to a doctor is she is unwell, prepare her the medicines and cook her some 'sick-man-food'...that's cool
  • The pictures you snapped... compile them, make a movie with songs... and impress her!
  • Care for her family and bring her to your family so that she knows you care about the relationship
  • Bring her to travel, if you can afford, it's nice to be away from home sometimes
  • Write her some 'post-it' notes with some cute or funny messages, hide in her handbags until she discovers them...
  • Grab her to karaoke, sing some songs to her and make her smile
  • Buy the same t-shirt, watches or shoes... wear them together and when you are ready, but her a ring, to show that you really in love with her...
  • If she is into FB, put "IN a relationship with HER"... girls just love being noticed that they are in a relationship instead of single! hahahaa
More to go, but simple things that a guy can do, it definitely will cheer up someone! HAPPY IN-LOVE EVERYONE!